Insurance and Billing Information

Insurance Information

We know that health care insurance can be confusing. Please take a brief moment to review this page to help you understand some key points about your insurance as it relates to your procedure at Williamson Surgery Center.

  • Williamson Surgery Center will give you an estimate of your portion of the cost of your procedure. This estimate is based on the procedure(s) your physician has scheduled and the type of insurance plan you have.
  • It is important to know that this is only an estimate. Sometimes things change and additional or sometimes fewer procedures may be performed than what was originally thought when the surgeon scheduled your procedure. These changes can affect your final financial responsibility to Williamson Surgery Center, either more or less.
  • We expect payment prior to your surgery. Payments include your co-pay, coinsurance and any deductible amounts that are due.

Billing Information

Because there are several healthcare practitioners who are providing a service to you, there will be separate bills generated from each of these providers; therefore, you can plan to expect bills from multiple providers for one procedure at Williamson Surgery Center.

  • Your bill from Williamson Surgery Center is referred to as the facility fee.
  • You will also receive a bill from your physician and from your anesthesia provider. The anesthesia providers at Williamson Surgery Center are from Capitol Anesthesiology Association. Capital Anesthesiology Association is a separate business from Williamson Surgery Center.
  • Williamson Surgery Center will bill your procedure to your insurance company for their portion, and to a second provider, if you have one.
  • In the end, you are responsible for the charges associated with your procedure.
  • If after the surgery, we discover that you have over paid us, we will issue you a refund.